welcome to linziclip!

the  Linziclip hair accessory was created by lindsey walker & shelley-anne salisbury to overcome all the problems with the old style claw clip. lindsey & shelley met at a party just over 10 years ago. they got chatting (as you do) and had a eureka moment. they spent the next year working on various designs to eliminate the painful teeth, unsightly springs and protruding ears of the claw clip and after (way too many) coffees and late nights the Linziclip was born. Well, to be exact, the linziclip started off its life as the inside cardboard tube of a toilet roll which lindsey & shelley cut up reassembled and sprayed with silver paint – but the concept was there ! The next part of the linziclip journey was to find a manufacturer which meant a trek to India (a whole other story!). then lindsey & shelley  hot footed it around the globe securing distribution. Needless to say lindsey & shelley are now a well travelled pair!

from those early beginnings the linziclip has gone from strength to strength and is now sold in over 17 countries. Apart from the basic black and tortoishell Linziclips are available in loads of catwalk inspired colours and patterns. Have a browse on our linziclip online shop. A  fab hair day is just a  click away !